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At Davidsons Forensic Accountants, we have experience to act as an expert witness for one party, a single joint expert witness acting on behalf of both parties, and in Collaborative Law. We have the skills and practical experience to provide expert evidence in Court. Our expertise includes providing the following services in connection with matrimonial disputes:

  • Assessment of real earnings
  • Valuation of businesses
  • Assistance with 'Form E' investigations
  • Evaluation of financial standing
  • Release of capital
  • Duxbury calculations
  • Review and critique of the other experts’ reports
  • Assist in drafting questions relating to joint expert reports
  • Investigate and advise on complex financial matters
  • Advice and opinion about the impact of pension splitting
  • Assisting the 'non-financial' spouse to gain an understanding of the corporate structure and its value
  • Assistance with identifying tax issues arising from a proposed settlement or recommending alternatives to minimise the impact of taxation
  • Evidencing and valuation of cryptocurrency transactions

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