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Business Dispute Resolution and Litigation are seldom simple and often involve highly complex issues.

We resolve stakeholder and/or management disputes quickly and cost-effectively, acting in the best interest of the relationships involved and with business well-being in mind.

Our expertise includes the following areas:

  • Valuation of businesses, companies, trusts and partnerships
  • Breach of Contract
  • Shareholder disputes including minority shareholder oppression assistance
  • Costs of relocation
  • Professional negligence claims
  • Insolvency Investigations

Business Interruption and Insurance Claims

Assistance to Businesses:

Get the Expert Financial Assistance you need for your Business Interruption Insurance claim whether it has been caused by the Covid pandemic or some other event. We aim to put your business back to the financial position it would have been had the event not taken place.

If you think that your business has been affected by a loss of income as a result of the pandemic or some other event, you may be entitled to claim from your insurer. Act now by completing our contact form and sending a copy of your Business Insurance Policy documentation. We will carry out a no obligation review of your insurance policy.

In the event we believe you are entitled to compensation we will quantify your loss, charging a nominal initial fee, with the balance being settled on a no win, no fee basis. If requested, we will work closely with your legal advisers or insurance brokers.

We are currently pursuing cases in many different sectors and arising for many different reasons, examples of which are set out below, so act now to ensure the survival of your business.

  • Covid-19 and other notifiable diseases
  • HS2 compensation and compulsory purchase claims
  • Fires, floods and other natural disasters
  • Denial of access
  • Power failure
  • Contamination

Assistance to Solicitors and Insurance Brokers:

We work on both a formal Expert basis, in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules, and also on an advisory footing, providing more informal advice to claims teams.



We provide prospective clients and their legal representatives with a FREE one-hour initial meeting anywhere in the UK.

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