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1. How long does it take for you to complete a report?

That depends on the amount of work required, however in most cases it will be between 3-4 weeks after receiving all the information and documentation to enable us to complete the report. Larger and /or more complex cases may take longer. Should a report be required at short notice, we will ensure that the timetable is adhered to. We have never missed a deadline yet!

2. Can you let me have a fee quotation?

Yes, we will happily supply a fee quotation, free of charge and without obligation. Where possible we will always provide a fixed fee for the work to be undertaken

3. What information do you require from me to prepare that quotation?

You will be best placed to know what information is relevant. Typically, in a criminal case going to trial, any of the following which you may have would be useful:

  • a prosecution case summary
  • an outline of the defence case
  • counsel’s advice on the instruction of an expert
  • a page count of the witness statement and exhibits
  • a note of any deadlines
  • expected hearing dates

In a criminal confiscation case, a copy of the body of the prosecutor's statement under S16 POCA 2002 or equivalent (without the appendices) would be useful.

In relation to civil cases, we will provide you with a checklist of information and documentation required to prepare the report.

4. Do you accept work anywhere in the UK?

Yes, whilst most of our work is in England (we have attended Crown Courts as far South as Maidstone and as far North as Carlisle) we have also completed work for other parts of the UK (including the Channel Islands and Northern Ireland), and in the Republic of Ireland.

5. Do you undertake work under the Legal Aid Scheme?

Yes, a large proportion of our work is undertaken under legal aid with prior authority from the Legal Aid Agency.

6. Do you undertake work in relation to both the Magistrates' Court and the Crown Court proceedings?


7. Do you accept instructions from members of the public?

Yes, and we can guide you through the process referring you to a specialist solicitor should this be required.

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